Skin Care Services


 Facial ~ 1 hour  $85

Not sure which facial is the best choice for your skin type? That's ok! 

We can discuss your skin concerns and goals

and decide on the best treatment at the time of your service!

Suitable for all Skin Types. 

Summer Anti-Aging Pineapple Facial ~ 1 hour  $85

A gentle and refreshing, anti-aging facial perfect for treating summer skin!

This pineapple enzyme is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and rosacea!

This pineapple enzyme provides a gentle softening and brightening exfoliation and also helps to

synthesize collagen, helping the skin stay firm and supple. 

The high amounts of vitamin C will quench your skin with age-correcting ani-oxidants

aiding in cell and tissue repair, which are vital to the overall health and vitality of the skin.

Double cleansing, Skin Script Pineapple Enzyme with steam, hand and arm massage, extractions,

 high-frequency treatment, face and scalp massage, hydrating mask,

finished with heated towels on the feet with a foot massage.

Suitable for all Skin Types including Sensitive Skin.

Signature Customized Facial ~ 1 Hour 15 min.....$90

A luxurious customized facial that addresses the needs of your skin. Double cleansing, steam, exfoliation (either an enzyme or manual dermabrasion depending on skin concerns and needs), extractions, high-frequency treatment, facial mask, face and scalp massage, hand, and arm massage,

finished with heated towels on feet with a foot scrub and massage.

Suitable for all Skin Types.

Manual Dermabrasion Facial ~ 1 Hour……$85

A revolutionary skin resurfacing treatment that gently and effectively smooths the skin while stimulating blood and lymph flow nourishing the skin at a cellular level. This improves the appearance of fine lines, skin tone and texture, surface scarring, acne scarring, superficial pigmentation, and the buildup of dead skin cells. Our Manual Dermabrasion is an effective yet affordable treatment with virtually no recovery time. 

 Double cleansing, skin resurfacing treatment, face neck and shoulder massage, soothing hydrating mask, heated towels on the feet with a foot and lower leg massage.

Not Suitable for Sensitive Skin Types

Keyano Enzyme Facial ~ 1 Hour……$85

This is a gentle anti-inflammatory Proteolytic enzyme peel that is made up of 3 enzymes that work

specifically on removing only dead skin cells, unlike acid peels that attack live skin cells as well.  

This is an amazing facial that works extremely well for both oily, acneic, and dry skin alike.

Oily/Acneic Skin Types: This Proteolytic Enzyme effectively works to break down cells in the inner surface of the follicle making extractions easier and more effective.

Dry Skin Types:  This Proteolytic Enzyme removes accumulated dead skin cells improving texture and tone leaving skin soft and smooth. The skin will better accept creams and serums allowing the

active ingredients to penetrate more effectively as well as allowing make-up to look flawless and not caked on.

Double Cleansing, enzyme peel under steam, extractions, high-frequency treatment, face neck, and shoulder massage, hand massage, and hydrating mask. 

Express Manual Dermabrasion Treatment ~ 30 Minutes……$50

Great for in-between facial treatments or for those that want results, but are short on time.

Double cleansing, skin resurfacing treatment, and soothing hydrating mask.

Not Suitable for Sensitive Skin Types

Back Facial ~60 Minutes.....$75

A perfect treatment for an often overlooked and hard-to-reach area to relieve stress and improve the overall appearance of the skin. This relaxing back facial begins with a deep cleansing of the back to remove excess oil and debris, followed by exfoliation using Keyano oil-free aromatic sea salts to polish away dullness, a relaxing massage follows with a mask leaving you relaxed and your skin radiant.


Facial Enhancements:

Keyano Foot Scrub $8

Paraffin Hand Treatment...$20

Paraffin Foot Treatment...$20

30 Minute Back Facial...$40

Includes Keyano Salt Scrub exfoliation, relaxing back massage, mask.

Head, Face and Neck Massage~ 30 Minutes $40

Unwind and clear your mind with an additional 30 minutes of stress-reducing massage.  Includes neck, shoulder, face, and scalp massage with warm towels and essential oils to melt the stress away.

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